People have different reasons for buying laptop computers. If you happen to be among those people looking to buy a brand new laptop, prepare to be impressed.

Many young college students as well as working professionals are drawn to leading brands that exude a sexy aesthetic. Into this mold belongs the Apple MacBook Air, which is touted as the thinnest notebook computer.

Friends of mine who have acquired the device take pride in their acquisition – and with reason. Not only does the device look slim & elegant, but all the features add up to one useful ultraportable laptop that’s ideal to use for home, office, or even dimly lit environments (thanks to a backlit keyboard and built-in ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts brightness of keys and display)

There are, of course, other enhanced laptop computer brands that have wended their way into the marketplace, emerging as strong contenders to the throne.


Super thin laptop computers arrive

Laptop ComputersThe super thin laptops that have emerged in the market possess style value and pack a punch in processing power. As with most other gadgets, though, there are pros and cons. The least that discerning buyers want to get is a laptop that looks great on the outside but has a slow hard drive, poor audio, and other shortcomings.


Attractive laptop design captivates

Yet it cannot be disputed — if there’s one thing that stands out among the new breed of laptops, it’s got to be the eye-catching design. The case of the MacBook pro which has become the yardstick for other ultraportable options, is clear proof. Beyond being a headturner at your local coffee restaurants, a quality brand of laptop feels premium. Apart from the MacBook Air, a handful of other attractive options make eye candy and more importantly, run cool and serve the modern-day user’s computing requirements.

Some shining examples of sleek and thin laptops that I probably wouldn’t mind shelling out a money for are the Lenovo Idea Pad, a 13-inch wonder in attractive metal design (like Clementine orange or gray); the Toshiba Portege, which offers the advantage of long battery life; and the Asus Zenbook.


Laptop computers capitalize on brand strength

Laptop ComputersThere are several excellent laptop computer options, if portability, attractive design and vibrant screen resolution are on top of your list. Want an all-in-one touch screen PC, multiple portsand multi-touch controls in one attractive and reasonably priced package? Then some of your safest bets are those from leading consumer electronics giants, like Sony and Samsung.


Touchscreen feature advantage commands attention

Multi-touch trackpads, large vivid screen displays, and optimum performance garner high points among modern-day laptop users.

In an industry of emerging touch screen technology, laptops that set themselves apart in this aspect have definitely gained much attention. If clunky convertible laptops are not your cup of tea, you can go for tablets with the laptop capabilities you’ve grown accustomed to. Some of the best options in the market bundle a tablet, dock and keyboard. There are also laptop computers, like the Dell Inspiron DUO laptop, that conveniently allow users to shift from type to touch.