How will they look like?

In this time of great modernization, have you ever wondered how the next laptop computers would look like?  The ones that are in the market nowadays have very slim cases which make them feel like holding a fragile plate in hand.  In the future, I would like to believe that engineers have found a way to eliminate that fearful feeling of dropping your precious laptop.  Instead of having slim cases, computers in the future should not be limited by their cases.  They will have small lenses for three dimension projections as screens and infrared keyboard that can be reflected on any flat surface.  It will just look like a tiny box containing the memories and the processors and have the rest of the parts as external projections making it more mobile and light and less prone to damage.


More Power, Speed and Juice

Laptop Computers        As a computer geek like me, aesthetics is not all that matters.  Laptops in the future should be able to nourish our insatiable need for not just sleeker design but more importantly, blast my mind with multiple fast processors, a vast amount of internal storage and a bigger amount of battery power for more seamless connectivity and application developments.  These are the core specifications engineers would soon develop because more and more people demand for faster and more powerful processors that can withstand heavier applications.


Embedding New Technologies for Laptop Computers

Ultimately, engineers would have to give in to embedding new technologies in laptops because three dimension displays will only feed our hunger for new technology for a couple of months.  The laptops in the future will have to have sensors for better gaming experiences.  This kind of movement sensor is not new anymore and is mostly found in gaming arcades.  The gaming experience in three dimensions will soon become a bore and this kind of new gaming experience should be incorporated to every laptop in the future.

One of the main disadvantages of a portable device is its vulnerability to theft.  Laptops in the future should contain a more advance security protocol.  Every laptop should contain a scanner that examines the iris and fingerprint of the user.  Aside from these two, which are actually can be found in some of the models in the market, the security protocol of laptops shouldn’t end in the entry-level.  It should continue on inspecting the user’s movements to ensure that it is still the same person.  Security algorithms should be put in place to compare the usual usage of the owner and the current user.


Eliminating the Disadvantages of Laptop Computers

Laptop Computers        Every computer addict finds the need to upgrade his or her computer from time to time and laptops do not make that option easy.  Laptops should be redesigned in order for the usual upgradeable parts to be more exposed to the owner.  Memory and video cards should be put in place just like a battery source that can be taken out anytime at the will of the user.  This eliminates the disadvantage of the laptops having fewer options to upgrade.  Engineers and company owners have their own reasons for limiting the laptop but ultimately, the market will demand of it and laptop computers will look even more beautiful than we imagined them to be.