Laptop computers make great gifts. If you’re thinking of giving your mom, your wife, or teenage son a laptop as a gift, there are lots of options in the market that can offer real value for money. I have a pleasant experience getting a laptop gift that I am able to use for article writing, web browsing, emailing, and watching movies.

To bring home the best laptop that’ll be appreciated by your gift recipient, you need to consider that person’s interests and requirements.


Entry-level laptop computers for basic needs

Laptop ComputersFor a wife who is basically a homemaker and simple turns to the device for recipes and for chatting with friends on social networking sites, a simple laptop like Acer Aspire, or Dell Inspiron, or an entry-level Sony Vaio model may suffice.

Entry-level laptops with standard features and connectivity will be reliable enough for surfing websites, watching videos on YouTube, checking Facebook, typing letters and emailing. Pleasing design, decent performance, and reliability are the things that can be offered by laptops designed for simple computing needs. User-friendly keyboard and clear display are also good to have. Most entry-level users also may not mind clicky-clacky mouse buttons for as long as the basic features work well.

More business-oriented wives or daughters, or college-level students will find more sophisticated ultraportable laptops very useful gifts. Apple, Asus, Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, and Toshiba (to name some leading brands) offer great options.


Extra features bundled in new crop of laptop computers

When looking for a laptop gift for a college student who will use the laptop both for school projects and entertainment, a device that offers crystal clear &crisp resolution, ample hard drive capacity and memory, an optical drive that can read CDs and DVDs, long battery life, and dual core CPUs is ideal. Additional features like wi-fi and Bluetooth will also complete the package.

If you have an old laptop that still works and your interest is captured more by the new-generation cellular phone devices that some people feel may supplant the reliable standby (a laptop), take the time to review the features.


Laptops vs. high-tech phones

Laptop ComputersMost people on the move may opt to use versatile cellular phones for easy retrieval and use. Phones with laptop capabilities can come in handy for people who are often up and about. Majority of people who shuttle daily from home to office still require an efficient laptop computer, though. A lightweight laptop that can run different software programs and be utilized for presentations, Internet communications, and other business purposes is a must-have.

If you are a freelance online writer like me, or perhaps a company head who wants to continually check the company website, a laptop computer that boots fast, a responsive touchpad (or a keyboard that’s not at all stiff), and no connectivity issues will be a good purchase.


Laptop features that count for game enthusiasts & hobbyists

Modern-day photographers and game enthusiasts, on the other hand, have a totally different set of needs. For these breed of users, laptop computers’ features like powerful processors, fast hard drives, and distinct/clear graphics display are essential.