Why is there a need for new design?

Laptop computers have been common daily companions of people nowadays but little or no appreciation is given to the makers and developers of these useful inventions that have made our lives easier.  Despite of all the convenience and satisfaction we get from these, there comes a point that we have to let go of our trusty companions and purchase a replacement but why is there a need to upgrade when the old one has been good?  It is because in our time of modernization, developers come up with more applications that requires faster memory speeds and discover advancements that can make your existing life even much more convenient, perhaps a longer battery life using a new chemical.  There is always the insatiable need for engineers to push the limits of technology and exposing people to these technologies will lead them into wanting one for themselves or maybe simply because engineers find out ways for improving design in order to make the computer more efficient.


Design process

Laptop Computers        This is the first step after finding out that there is a need for a new design.  This is a meticulous process that requires the brilliant minds of engineers and nanotechnologists.  Even a slight adjustment of the design can take weeks and creating a whole new design can take years.  This is the most crucial part of the building process because even a very small error in calculation can destroy the timetable of the creation process.  Electronic details are sketched out in a computer application and tests are run if the electronic design contains no flaws.  Provisions are then set up to properly hold the electronic detail.  Again, even the provision for USB ports and AC cords are carefully thought out in order to maximize user convenience and to ensure the efficiency of the computer.  In designing the case of the laptop, ergonomics are very much considered in order to prevent accidents.


Prototype of the Laptop Computers

          After all the lengthy process of designing and theoretical testing using a computer application, several prototypes are then made and tested.  During this part of the process, tests are done on the prototypes in order to find out whether or not the results match those made through the computer applications in the designing stage.  Keeping in mind that these machines will be sent to different parts of the world, further tests are then made to ensure that the machines can withstand different climate conditions thus, finding out the specific range of operating temperature of the computer.  If the engineers are satisfied with the results, the machines can then be manufactured by the thousands but if engineers find out even a slight defect of the design, they go back to the design process and find ways of correcting the error, stripping the entire design if necessary.  Every single detail of the prototype should be within the engineers’ desired results before they are approved for manufacturing because even a minimal flaw can cause a huge impact on the brand’s reputation and can set them back towards a company goal.


Manufacture of Laptop Computers

Laptop Computers        Once engineers finally gets satisfied with their works, the designs are then broken into parts and manufactured separately.  The electronic components are done using robotic arms because they require accuracy and precision at a nanotechnology level.  A division is set to manufacture the batteries and another for the case itself.  Once all the parts are complete, it is time to assemble all these into a finished product.  This part is done proceeding with utmost care but with a steady pace.  Physical tests are again run to ensure top quality and that the products are actually running as planned.  End products that fail these tests are not allowed to reach the market until they are corrected and reflect the desired results.  Once passing all the quality assurance tests, the products are then boxed individually and rolled out to warehouses and finally to the electronic shops.  We are then able to drool all over them, forgetting our old trusty companions back home.  The design process of these machines requires so much time, money and a whole lot of brilliant minds.  The next time you plan a purchase and go to a shop, stop complaining of the expensive price tag and be happy that you’re still able to pay a small amount of money in exchange for such a great amount of time and effort these engineers are making so you won’t have to do the entire process they do in creating these laptop computers.