On the prowl for solid and dependable computing machine and dazzled by so many modern options of laptop computers in the PC store?  Well, do your homework and check out the best brands and features online before heading for the store to buy your preferred laptop. Reading customer testimonials and computer industry experts’ top picks & reviews may also prove to be helpful.

So just how do present-day customers and industry experts rate the leading laptop brands that have entered the marketplace and garnered much attention?


Most reliable laptop computers

Laptop ComputersLaptop reliability studies and customer testimonials have cited that among the most reliable laptop brands are Toshiba, Asus, Sony, and Apple. Trailing these well-rated brands are Dell, Lenovo, and Acer, to name some.

A laptop or any other gadget may stop being reliable owing to accidental damage, or because of hardware malfunction. In my case, accidentally spilling beverage on my dependable laptop caused irreversible damage. I belong to the smaller fraction of laptop owners whose devices were accidentally damaged.  A large number of laptops stop working due to hardware malfunction. This will likely happen if you bought a second-hand laptop from somebody you hardly know and offered the gadget at a big bargain.


Failure rate of netbooks vis-à-vis laptop computers

Note also that the trendy and ubiquitous netbooks all over computer stores these days have about 20 percent bigger failure rate from hardware malfunctions than pricier feature-packed laptops. It pays to arm yourself with knowledge, then, before setting out to buy what may seem like a dependable ultraportable device.

When at the store, take the time to test your desired laptop model. Some laptop computer buyers will say that their purchase of a good brand is the result of several hits & misses. If you’ve done a comparative study beforehand on laptop features and price points, you’ll more likely be satisfied with your final choice.


Brilliant display, solid construction & other features to check

Laptop ComputersFirst-time laptop buyers may be easily dazzled by the bright screen displays, attractive metal design finish, and the nice & slim construction of the latest range of laptops.  If you love watching movies and listening to music through your laptop, and will be using it as primary computing device, make sure that the laptop model you get will have good audio. Asus Zenbook, HP, and Toshiba Satellite are just a few examples of laptops that can offer great audio.

So you see, beautiful design features – while they captivate at first glance – are not all that discerning laptop buyers look for.  Powerful performance is important for many users, and so are connectivity and multimedia enjoyment.


Enhanced laptop features that may offer endless pleasure

New and enhanced features of the latest crop of laptops in the market today make laptop usage easy and pleasurable. If you got a high-tech laptop with multi-gesture touchpad, you’ll be able to scroll, rotate and flip through web pages, images and files in a breeze.

Indeed, the latest range of laptop computers allow countless possibilities from basic word processing, emailing, and web browsing, to enjoying built-in Wi-Fi and synching to other digital devices (like a  smartphone), plus a whole lot more.