With the rise in the number of people relying on internet-based jobs to earn their keep, laptop computers have quite easily become popular tools of the trade. Aside from their portability, laptops also offer a number of other benefits that have also made them a common choice among corporate and IT professionals, business owners and students who want to take advantage of whatever free time they have between breaks and travel to do a bit of work and/or leisure.

Although I never doubted the convenience of being able to take work and personal-related data anywhere you go, it still took me a while to really warm up to the idea of owning a laptop. A wariness I was only able to overcome when I finally owned by first portable computer.


A Pricey Amenity

Laptop ComputersThe reason that made me shy away from this type of device is the price. Practical sense dictated that owning a laptop in addition to an already reliable desktop computer was an unnecessary excess. Most of my friends who owned one also had trouble getting it fixed because of expensive repair fees and unavailable replacement parts. And for all its portability, laptops are also easily misplaced or forcibly taken, thus posing a serious threat to your security.

Getting acquainted with these disadvantages even before I got a chance to try a laptop has turned me into a skeptic person who would rather stick to the old-fashioned desktop.


 A Worthy Necessity

So what did finally change my mind? It’s a combination of necessity and of my curiosity finally getting the best of me. With today’s advances in technology, it has now become possible for me to purchase a laptop model that just fits my particular needs, at just the right price. And with WiFi making it possible to conveniently connect to the internet practically anywhere at anytime, I am always able to make and maintain both professional and social connections to fulfill both my professional and leisurely tasks.


Laptop Computers as Reliable Companions

Laptop ComputersSince I now live in a shared household owing to the move I have had to take for my new job location, owning a laptop also provides a sense of privacy and heightened degree of security for my both my personal and work-related files. It also makes it easier for me to take whatever it is I am doing to a much quieter place whenever my housemates decide to hold one of their rave parties in the middle of the week. Company presentations have become that much easier to present or modify and improve on the spot with the help of my reliable companion.


Are Laptop Computers For You?

For all its portability and benefits, laptops still have limitations that may not fit too well with your professional and personal requirements. There are important factors you need to consider before deciding on whether or not to purchase a portable computer. Before I even looked into the various laptop models available in the market, I needed to clearly identify its intended purpose first. Knowing this will make it easier for you to make the smartest choice in terms of size and lightness, RAM and hard drive capacity, port connections, etc.

Laptop computers may have made me weary in the past, but they have since proven themselves worthy of their price.