Laptop computers have been a common sight for the past decade now and have totally changed the course of man’s lifestyle in every aspect.  Men have shifted from the regular desktop personal computers but what really are the advantages of laptops over the desktop ones?  If you are considering to buy a new desktop computer, read on and be aware of the great advantages of the having a laptop instead.


Giving More Value to your Money

Laptop Computers        Desktop computers can be much cheaper than the laptops but the latter are considered to have a longer replacement life compared to desktops.   Laptops have three years before the hardware is considered old or obsolete compared to a desktop which only has two years.  With that in mind, you can sell your laptop for a small amount when you finally decide to replace it, an option which is often not available when you finally want to discard your old desktop.  You may shed out a few more extra hundred bucks but in the future, you will realize that it is indeed wiser to have chosen a laptop.



Space is also one of the biggest advantages of laptops.  Setting up a desktop computer is a huge problem especially when you are dealing with a cramped home office.  Aside from having bulky central processing units or CPU’s, the cords can be a huge mess especially when tangled to one another.  Also, a desktop has a lot of separate parts including the CPU, monitor, power box and mouse.  A Laptop, however, is very space-saving having all those mentioned parts in a small package and actually has a single cord and only when you opt to have continuous power.  Taking up a smaller space would also mean having to clean a smaller portion because it tends to accumulate less house dusts.


Laptop Computers Beat Power Interruptions

Laptop Computers        Desktop computers are powered through plugging them into AC wall sockets only.  It would mean that if a power interruption occurs, you’re machine automatically shuts down while a laptop computer contains a battery and would remain running even when a blackout happens.  This will allow you to continue working with your computer or be able to shut it down properly. Abnormal shut down can actually cause malfunction for computers.  The battery for laptops does not only allow you to use your computer during power interruptions but also serves as a preventive measure.


Seamless Connection to the Digital World through Laptop Computers

A lot of the advantages of laptops over desktops have been covered and discussed but the most important benefit of having a laptop is portability.  Although the regular desktop has the ability to connect us to our vast social networks, it can only keep us updated when we’re at home or wherever our desktop is located.  Laptops have the ability to connect you wherever you are because of its portability.    With all the free wireless connections scattered all around urban areas, we are able to have up to date information about everything.  Laptops indeed have become the best friends for those with separation anxiety with their social networks.

Having the power of mobility does not only enable us to be connected to our digital social world but also make working while travelling a possibility.  A lot of young professionals have opted to pursue careers in blogging about different countries they are in and more businessmen are given the chance to have vacations with their families in the Caribbean but still able to monitor their companies.  The power of mobility of Laptop Computers does not only give us the chance to be connected to the digital world anytime and anywhere but more importantly, has the ability to let us take more pleasure in different things all at the same time.