Laptop Computers can be very expensive and we have to give them the utmost care that we can offer.  This article will help you maintain your precious ones and give them the extra life we so much need from them.


Practice AFK when necessary

Laptop Computers        People use AFK or Away From Keyboard all the time to mean that they cannot entertain you as of the moment.  The 3 letters can actually teach us to remember a good practice in taking care of your laptops.  Get away from the keyboard when eating, drinking and doing physical activities that can harm your machine.  Crumbs can accidentally fall under the keyboard slots and as result, ants and other insects will make their way under the keyboard and can actually mess up with tiny electronic parts.  Worse, spilling liquid on your machine will cause short circuits and harmful degradation. This will lead to expensive repair bills and can sometimes be irreparable beyond damage.  Also, your computer should be placed in smooth surfaces when not in use especially when you’re doing more physical activities such as exercising.  It lessens the chance of you tipping it over and letting it fall to the floor.


Keyboard Cleaner for Laptop Computers

Even when practicing AFK at all times, other factors like dust can still manage to get in your system.  Take the necessary extra measures to keep your machine in top shape to avoid repairs in the future.  Buy a small vacuum cleaner especially designed to clean keyboards.  Make sure to suck in those dusts because when they build up, they become the culprits of not properly functioning keys.  Instead of shedding out extra bucks for cleaning and repairs in the future, invest on a cheap keyboard cleaner and do the thing yourself.


Stay Away from Magnetic Objects

Laptop Computers        One of the most prized advantages of the laptop is its portability.  You can just put it inside your bag and go to the coffee shop on the next block, fly to another country or take it with you during a cruise.  You can basically take them everywhere you want to go but when you do, you also increase its chances of damage.  Make sure to take extra measure in protecting it.  Do not mix them in your bag together with sharp and small objects as it can scratch the exterior or worse, damage the screen.  More importantly, make sure it is away from magnetic objects because it can disrupt the electronic parts inside the machine.  When travelling, do not expose it to magnetic detectors and machines. Instead, inform the security that a laptop is inside and authorize a manual check instead.


Operate your Laptop Computers within the Temperature Range

Every electronic device has an operating temperature range.  This can be found in the box or in the user’s manual.  Many take the operating temperature for granted not knowing that this causes serious damage to the equipment.  Electronic parts are actually sensitive to temperature and exposing your device to extreme heat and cold will actually change their normal operation and lead to internal heating and consequently, death of the device.  To avoid this, make sure to rest your laptop in a smooth surface and do not block the fan.  This will allow sufficient air flow within and around your equipment and decrease the chance of overheating.  Also, specific models are manufactured for different regions of the world so before travelling to a country with an extreme temperature, go to your user’s manual and make sure your computer can withstand the weather there.  Follow these and you’ll most likely cut down bills on repairs and lengthen the lives of your laptop computers.